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PROPHETIC REPORT | Christians, did you VOTE for the ELECT or the BEAST?

Did your vote matter? There will soon be an unveiling for Christians that casted their vote with God’s elect, while others casted it for the beast. This has everything to do with the agendas behind the ticket and we will soon see who has been at work behind the scenes. Find out the seriousness of […]

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Exposing the Democratic Agenda – What Christians Should Know About Their Vote

There’s a phrase that says ignorance is bliss, but what if that ignorance costs you your rights and freedom? Division has swept across the country, and there are two sides fighting for dominance and control. When we see the Democratic and Republican parties, there are surely no perfect people on either side. What is certain, […]

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Tracy Cook on Coronavirus

At the beginning of this year, Tracy Cook prophesied about the current state of the world with all that is going on with the coronavirus, politics, and religion. He unveils the current corruption in politics and the church at large. Tracy Cook is the founder of Miracle Life Tabernacle Ministries in Reelsboro, North Carolina, a […]