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The Life of an Intercessor – Doris Brown

Doris Brown is an intercessor and leader at the Voice of Healing Church in Murrieta, CA. She was raised in the church system and was ordained as a pastor. Being a pastor she had a greater hunger and a greater thirst for the move of the Father. She was in a group that helped single parents and through this group, she came in contact with Apostle Michael Petro in Victorville, CA.

She realized after hearing Apostle Petro teach the Word that she’d “found the one whom her soul loved”, she said. “The word he released from the Father was not an ordinary word but one that was transforming my soul.” It was then that she knew where she wanted to be and has been a member ever since. She has witnessed the power of the Father in her life and in the lives of the people whom she has prayed over and interceded for. Prayer is not something new to Doris it has always been a part of her life. Her desire is to ascend into higher realms of prayer with the Father is what keeps her praying without ceasing.

Question: How did you know that you were being called to be an intercessor in prayer? 

Answer: Personally, I did not know that the Lord was calling me to be an intercessor. I would answer the question in this way: “I became an intercessor during the time when I was in the church system as a pastor. Members of the church and others would always come up and ask me for prayer so I saw there was a need to pray for them. I knew the only way they could be healed, set free, and delivered was through prayer.

So, I spent a lot of time praying and interceding to the Lord on behalf of the people.

Even the ones I would drive by on the streets and would see they were laying or doing whatever, [sic] I would get out of the car and start praying for them. I spent a lot of time in the early ages of my life consecrated in prayer and fasting for the manifestation of healing. The Lord was using me at that time in healing so it became a lifestyle for me as far as interceding because I knew I didn’t have any power. I knew the only power that could heal, deliver, and set anyone free was from the power of God, Yeshua.” 

Question: What exactly is an intercessor?

Answer: “An intercessor is one who

prays on behalf of others.

They are like a mediator and they pray to the Father.

They are not selfish, it is not about them it is about other people. They no longer look within themselves but pray to the heart of the Father.

An intercessor is relentless, passionate, a warrior.

Going to the Lord and praying, crying out to Him. In the word, it says the heart of the Father is to always pray and not faint. The disciples also came to Jesus and said teach us how to pray so the Father’s heart is to pray. Whether it be an intercessor or a person who prays, it isn’t how long one prays but the sincerity of those prayers to the Father.”

Question: Can I say that you are passionate about being an intercessor?

Answer: “You can say that but I would say that I have a hunger for being an intercessor. One might say that I have passion but I would say that I am thirsty, that I thirst for Him and I cry out, and the Father reveals and shows Himself to me so I reach out and He runs. It is like hide and seek, the more I run after Him the more,

He has me run for Him and to Him.

It is like I am constantly running as if there is a big wave and I am running and trying to get through that big wave, and it is going to engulf me and overtake me.

Going through the wave you are so set and focused that you are moving towards Him no matter what the test, the pitfalls, the hurts, the crying until after a while you lose yourself like the scripture says you forget those things behind and continue to press.

I don’t really have the words to explain what I have for Him but whatever it is I know I will find it if I just keep going.”

Question: How does one get a cry from the heart for the souls of the people?

Answer: “It comes from hopelessness. What I mean by hopelessness is

knowing that I do not have any power within myself, knowing that the Father, that Jesus, Yeshua is the one who has the power to heal and knowing I did not have that power.

I knew I wanted to see other people healed, delivered, and set free, I would cry out to the Father for Him to do it for them. That is how it became a lifestyle for me because I know that as I spend time praying and crying out to the Lord and not just asking for a, b, c, d, and then up and gone. It is about spending that time and being in His presence and filtering out what is within me that would hinder Him from moving for someone else.

I would have to spend a lot of time coming before the Lord asking Him to heal me before I could become a mediator for someone else.

Question: Can you give me a picture of what that looks like?

Answer: “I would always picture it as if it was a vast river or ocean and that ocean was clear with blue water and you are able to see and look down in that ocean and as you look down into that ocean you are able to see nickels and pennies like how people who throw money in. So, then I knew there wasn’t a blockage. I knew there was a clearness. So, in my spirit man, I would have to go and pray that the Lord would see a clearness, no blockage, nothing to stop that prayer from going forth. I wanted that prayer to ascend from my heart, my innermost being to Him. That is why I became relentless. I have always been passionate, that is who I am.” 

Question: Is there a season for being an intercessor? 

Answer: “I would say no because an intercessor prays in season and out but not only that they pray all the time. It is a garment, it is a lifestyle, it is something that you live, something you walk, you breathe, there is never a moment that you are not interceding on behalf of a person, place, or thing.

So, as an intercessor, it becomes the Father’s character and function in you. In the Bible, you see at times like David before he went to war he would always pray for instruction, always for direction, and we can see in the word of God that David was a mighty warrior so he warred with his hands. But an intercessor, we do not war with our hands because we do not war in the natural because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty in God to the pulling down the strongholds. So, when we war in the Spirit.

Question: Is it a lonely path being an intercessor?

Answer: “Yes, very lonely.

It is a path that you have to deny yourself, a path of walking away, it is a path of just you and the Father, and the more you become in-depth as an intercessor the more you don’t want to spend a lot of time with others because you want that intimacy with you and the Father.

You don’t have time for a lot of chattering, you have to keep all your gates clear. It is like being a watchman over your soul.

As an intercessor, it is very important to become a watchman over your soul in order to become a watchman over other people’s souls as well.”

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