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The Mind of an Overcomer Part 1

The human brain is an intricate organ within the human body. This organ controls motor function, vision, breathing, body temperature, etc. When discussing the brain vs. the mind, some people believe they are one and the same. Many times, the two words are used interchangeably. However, the human brain is the physical place where the mind resides. The mind controls thoughts, emotions, memories, the way we process things in life and our way of reasoning. The mind cannot be touched or seen; it is the intellect of a person. 

“Your mind is a battlefield, be its commander, not its soldier.”

~ Unknown 

If we understand the role of a commander and a soldier, we can quickly pick up the difference between the two. A commander gives orders, while a soldier submits to the commander and follows the orders that they received. There is a constant battle that happens daily within our minds. We receive so much information, visual stimuli, and seeds from various sources; all these factors affect the way our mind perceives and reacts. If we intend to gain control and authority over our mind, we must learn how to do so according to the Word of God. One thing we must remember is that we’re not fighting a physical battle with natural weapons, but rather a spiritual battle that is fought with the knowledge of God, which brings our thoughts into captivity and under the obedience of Jesus Christ (ref 2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

In Romans 12:1-3, Paul is speaking to the church and telling them that they should be living a life surrendered to God:

“Do not be conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

Romans 12:2

In Greek, the word mind or nous means a person’s understanding, thoughts, feelings, purposes, and desires. We must ask ourselves if our mind is submitted to spiritual things or if it’s submitted to fleshly things? The Scriptures speak about what happens when a person feeds or entertains their flesh as opposed to their Spirit. The one who sows to their flesh will reap destruction and the one who sows to the Spirit reaps eternal life (ref Gal 6:8). 

Let’s look at a natural example of a farmer who sows seed into the ground to produce crops or fruit. If the land or soil isn’t healthy or nourished then the farmer won’t reap a good harvest. On the other hand, if the soil/land is healthy and has been cultivated then the farmer will reap a bountiful harvest. In this example the healthy soil/land would be the Spirit and the unhealthy soil would be the flesh.

How do we renew our minds? In the Greek the word renewing speaks of a renovation, to revive or make something new. When a house is being renovated the contractors will strip the floors, paint, purchase new appliances, put down fresh carpet, resurface cabinets, etc. They take something that has become worn down over time and they make it new again. This is what the Father wants to do with the mind of the believers and followers of Christ. He wants to restore us and revive us, so that we can put on the mind of Christ (ref Philippians 2:5-6). By putting on the mind of Christ, we are being transformed from the inside out; our character, perception, and desires are all being converted to the likeness of Christ. 

The Lord desires for His people to abide with Him and the way we can do that is by understanding and keeping His Word (ref John 14:23). What determines whether we are an overcomer or not? Knowing the thoughts, wisdom and will of the Father is what makes us an overcomer (ref Matthew 7:21).

This is how we enter the kingdom of Heaven!

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