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Veronika West: Dream on the Golden Era

Veronika West, head of Ignite Ireland Ministry, is a prophetic voice in the earth at this hour. Early March 2020, West wrote about a dream given to her by the Lord about the ‘Golden Era’ that is upon the church. Within the dream, many symbolisms were mentioned considering what is about to take place. West describes a field that is scorched to nothing, but is then transformed into an endless field of gold, which pertains to the judgement and restoration God is about to release on the nations at this time. She speaks of a cry of an eagle that causes her to tremble at the sound and a great mountain that was before her filled “with beautiful and lush trees” that released millions upon millions of green leaves upon the roar of a lion. The lion is Jesus, and the eagle cry is the voice of the true prophets releasing the healing Word of revelation to the nations. Healing is represented by the green leaves that will cover over all of the earth. Be ready for the coming “scorching winds of purification”. Look for the righteous remnant who will bring the message of God for complete healing and restoration of the nations. This message given to Veronika West is a warning to prepare yourself to come into the presence of “I AM”! 

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