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Veronika West | No Longer Will the Ekklesia Tolerate Works of Jezebel


Jezebel has long been at work to undermine the Spirit of God. In the book of Kings, Jezebel was a Phoenician princess married to King Ahab, her hatred of God’s prophets was widely known. As a worshipper of Baal, she brought in the worship of false gods and teachings of false prophets. She saw the persecution and killing of many of God’s true prophets; and she especially hated the prophet Elijah, but what caused this hatred? 

Apostle Michael Petro recently released a very timely prophetic word during his message on Jezebel. He spoke about her role in the church, as well as the government. Apostle Petro explained the importance of the role of Elijah, as one who comes to restore all things, by bringing the spiritual interpretation of mysteries. The church has completely left this out of their end time eschatology. Why? Jezebel. The word Jezebel actually speaks of ‘where the beast dwells’. It is clear the spirit of Jezebel has infiltrated the churches today with false pastors who preach carnal and fleshly messages. The church today looks no different than the world, however, the time for the worship of Baal, of the beast, is done. 

Veronika West and Dutch Sheets both released similar prophetic words, both saying the time of Jezebel is over. Interestingly, West says the ekklesia will no longer tolerate the works of Jezebel. Ekklesia is the Greek word for church, or collective gathering of Christians. However, Apostle Petro explained that it is the remnant or chosen, that is the true church will no longer put up with Jezebel. The church is comfortable with Jezebel in the pulpits as is evident by the rebuke to the church of Thyatira who allowed Jezebel to teach and lead many astray, (Ref. Rev 2:20). 

Elijah anointed Elisha, Jehu, and Hazael as kings and prophets to deal with and tear down Jezebel and the worship of false prophets. These Elishas are the true church or the prophetic move coming forward. The remnant, God’s real church, is getting ready now.

“God is now ready to take the Elishas, the remnant, and bring them forward for the last move of God”,
Apostle Michael Petro.

The clash between Elijah and Jezebel wasn’t just over the worship of false gods; it flowed into governmental levels, as Jezebel and Ahab were rulers over Israel. What has been allowed to permeate the church has now spilled over into the government. It is clear through the agenda of the Democratic party, they want to get rid of all religious, specifically Christian, affiliation in our country. They are calling it the Great Reset, but the true agenda is to wipe out religious freedom from our nation, in order to stop what God is getting ready to do. 

The nation of the United States, and the Constitution, were based on the biblical principles by the founding fathers. The government was formed based on

“For the LORD is our Judge, the LORD is our Lawgiver, the LORD is our King.” Isaiah 33:22

These men sought to keep this country free because they had escaped a land of religious persecution, and wanted away from the works of Jezebel. They had left in hopes of creating a nation that was striving for holiness and righteousness, and away from the abominations that stemmed from the Roman Catholic Church. 

Now we have an entire party, under the influence of Satanism, that wants nothing more than to bring us back under the wicked rule of Jezebel and her antichrist spirit. They are seeking destruction by any and all means possible. They glorify the murdering of millions of babies through abortion under the pretense of women’s rights. They seek to disable the nuclear family, and turn the country into a Communistic run society. None of this lines up with what the founding fathers envisioned for America; in fact it is completely opposite what they fought for. 

Jezebel did everything to stop Elijah,

because he brought the spiritual interpretation of the mysteries of the Scriptures.

The false prophets of the church have done the same, by suppressing the truth, which is the revelation of the Gospel. By not understanding and releasing the mysteries of Scripture, they are trying to stop the Spirit of Elijah who has come to bring a restoration of all things. The Democratic party has continued to bring a stop to the worshipping at church, under the pretense of surging Covid-19 cases. Democratic run cities and states continue to stay in lockdown to keep control, as well as destroy  the economy and people’s livelihoods. Hence, we see the spirit of Jezebel in both the church and state. 

The Lord has said the time of Jezebel in the church and the government is up. This is the season of transitioning. There must be a rising up of God’s elect that will pull down and destroy the Jezebel spirit from the tower and the pulpit. True patriots are beginning to rise up to protest the UnConstitutional lockdowns and loss of freedoms. They are demanding justice for what they see as a fraudulent presidential election. It is time to fight against the antiChrist spirit that hates this country, and seek to restore God back into this land. Where is the ekklesia? The parable of the wedding banquet says those who were invited were the church (ekklesia), but they were too busy with the cares of the world to come. So the servants (remnant) went out to the highways to bring in people for the wedding feast, (Ref. Matt 22:8-10). 

Apostle Michael Petro,

“We are getting ready to see Elijah’s anoint the Elishas that will go and get the final harvest.”

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