Extended Writings


There is more to a simple confessing of our mouths. The most often quoted scripture for salvation, Romans 10:10 is also one of the most misunderstood by today’s teachings of what it exactly means. Our confession must do more about us teaching others the Word of God, after we have walked it out.

It is better for a man to be silent and be [a Christian], than to talk and not to be one.

“The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” (1Co_4:20)

Men “believe with the heart, and confess with the mouth,” the one “unto righteousness,” the other “unto salvation.” (Rom_10:10)

It is good to teach, if he who speaks also acts. For he who shall both

“do and teach, the same shall be great in the kingdom.” (Mat_5:19)

Our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, first did and then taught, as Luke testifies,

“whose praise is in the Gospel through all the Churches.” (2Co_8:18)

There is nothing which is hid from the Lord, but our very secrets are near to Him. Let us therefore do all things as those who have Him dwelling in us, that we may be His temples, (1Co_6:19) and He may be in us as God. Let Christ speak in us, even as He did in Paul. Let the Holy Spirit teach us to speak the things of Christ in like manner as He did.

~Ignatius- Epistle to the Ephesians Vol. 1

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