The door is open for us to step in.

God bless you brothers and sisters! So many things have transpired this last season! From the time of our conference with Prophet Thomas Cherian to these feast times, Yah has been giving us more and more vision of where He is leading us, what He wants from us, and who we are becoming. This is so much more than growing as an international church; we have been called to start a movement.

Prophet Thomas Cherian aroused such an excitement and expectation among us when he came and ministered a few months ago. He came declaring several important messages. Pray: spend hours and hours in the presence of God. The Fire of Revival is coming. This is the season of the second touching. He prophesied about the new tent facility that has gone up at our Scott Road campus. He also gave us some insights into the next strategic moves the ministry will be making. All in all, we were refreshed and encouraged by his impartation to us, and we knew it was only the beginning.

This second touching is related to the Biblical account of the blind man in Bethsaida (Mark 8). In the brief account of this miraculous healing, the man is touched by Christ once, after which he declares, “I see men like trees, walking.” Verse 25 continues, “Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly.” The first touching brought about a spiritual manifestation, the second brought the completion, which also manifested into the natural realm. This prophetic declaration tells us that we have received the opening of our spiritual eyes, the symbolism and understanding of the mysteries. Now is the time of full manifestation of our understanding into every dimension. we need to look up to heaven, call upon the Teacher, and we will see all things clearly. This Second touching prophecies this coming season of manifestation.

Many things began to transform from that point on. Intercession shifted into a higher gear. We began the process to lay the foundation for our new 5,000 square-foot tent facility, we had a conference in Orlando with Pastor Alexander, and many of our Forerunner family went to support in media and fellowship. Pastor Mike came back and announced that we would be planning a conference including Pastor Alexander and another associate, Pastor Sylvain from Quebec.

In this last month, we saw the release of the first ever Online Live Premiere Interactive show: Face to Face. It was amazing to see our teams and leaders functioning at such a high capacity. We were all reminded again of the powerful words Prophet Thomas Cherian released to our body, and we could feel it ignite again the reality of what the Lord is doing among us. The Word was released in a way we had not seen before – a live online show.  It was a whole new realm for our media, as we took a huge step through a newly opened door. Everyone watching online saw the vision of immense possibilities.

At the same time, the pressure was on to erect the tent in time for the fast approaching conference. The team worked hard, pushed through, and did an amazing job with time to spare, and before we knew it, the stage was set, the lights were up, and it was time for the conference. 2020: Melchizedek’s Shift, Release of the Holy Fire. Robin Martyr kicked off the 5-day conference with the release of his debut album titled, New Creation. The show was incredible and full of the Spirit of God. Once again, we saw our body functioning at a whole new capacity. Everybody knew, this truly is a divine shift.

It was truly an honor to be a part of this conference. Many powerful words were released from the men of God. We saw powerful worship, repentance, washing, powerful preaching, teaching, and divine revelation and impartation. Many lives were changed, and we can see that the door is open for us to step into a new dimension of who we are called to be.

All of the teaching and preaching pointed to one message and revelation: This coming year, we will see the release of God’s heavenly government into the earth. Prophet Joe Rivera released this word directly, and Pastor Mike gave a powerful teaching about the 24 elders their origin in the Torah as the 24 high-priestly orders. Pastor Alexander’s word was the Melchizedek washing, where the priests receive the sprinkled blood that consecrates them into the priestly orders. Pastor Sylvain spoke of the transmission of the priesthood through the generations. Every session illuminated one facet of this “Melchizedek’s shift” that is coming into the earth. With this revelation, we are anticipating greater revelation of the “seven shepherds, and eight princely men” that are spoken about in Micah. These seven shepherds are directly associated with the days of sukkot, prophetically instructing us to watch, pursue, and receive the impartations of each of these seven to prepare ourselves for the glory of God to manifest in his temple, US!

We cannot allow these past few months and weeks to fade into the background of our past. These events are the evidence and proof of what the Word of the Lord is for us in this season. He has called us to so much more, and we need to press into his presence to receive the fullness of this promise. The Lord has spoken so many incredible, amazing, supernatural things over this ministry and over our lives. We are not allowed to just hang on for the ride; we are called to be initiators and leaders, searching out His wisdom and boldly declaring the Word of the Lord as Forerunners. When we look at the path the Lord has brought us yesterday, we see even more clearly what we need to press into tomorrow.

Saints, we are experiencing Joshua 3. The Ark is being lifted up, and we are transitioning into the Promise Land. The Lord has called us to cleanse and consecrate ourselves to Him to a level we have not done before. The third day is here, and it is time we follow behind the Ark, that is, the mind of Christ and the holy Apostles. “For you have not passed this way before.” We have been called to fast the things of the flesh and be consumed in the fire and will of God Almighty. Joshua is saying to us, right now, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” He has selected each one of you reading this article to rise up, assume our priestly and governmental position in the celestial, spiritual realms and manifest the Kingdom of Heaven into the earth. Receive his Word with a humble heart, and heed the correction of the Lord.

The Love of God must consume every part of our soul so that no darkness or flesh remains. “And it shall come to pass, as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests who bear the ark of the LORD, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of the Jordan, that the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off, the waters that come down from upstream, and they shall stand as a heap.” Abba wants to cleanse our souls from every wickedness and cause the streams of dissension and sin to cease in us. Only then will we be absolutely yielded to follow his voice and perform his marvelous works into the earth. Only then can we proceed as his Army of Truth to destroy Jericho and her witchcraft teaching. He has selected us out from among the masses to receive the depths of truth from His Word, through which we will see a manifestation of power and authority into the earth that no man has ever seen before in the history of mankind. Joshua chapters 3-5 are about the spiritual transition, equipping, and qualifying of the people of God as an army to defeat Jericho with the sound of the Shofar. Soon we will hear the cries rise up from the hosts, “Babylon is fallen!” That is you, brother and sister. You are able to partake of the transition of ages right now by pursuit of the Holy Spirit and obedience to his Word. The time is now.

This is not a super spiritual manuscript written thousands of years ago; this is right now. This is real life. And God is calling you to rise up into this position this year. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is releasing to us.

May the LORD bless and keep you!