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Access Behind the Veil: The Coming Glory – Paperback ENGLISH (2nd Edition) by Michael Petro


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by Michael Petro
Second Edition – Paperback

For anyone to say that no mysteries or secrets are contained within the Word of Yahweh (God), that the Torah is done away with, or that God’s plan includes the destruction of the world, he is surely misinformed.  So much is lost in translation and misunderstood within God’s Word, even to the level of simple word definitions.  The source of this problem is not returning to the foundations of Torah: understanding early church teachings, deciphering the Torah from its Hebraic roots and language, and recognizing God’s language of mysteries, secrets, and parables, the very method used to reveal the New Testament to us.

To learn the deeper and hidden teachings of the kingdom is to obtain access behind the veil into the Holy of Holies of the temple, the pattern of creation.  Beyond the veil, the original intention of God’s plan becomes clear: to restore creation with His people, who are called to be royal high priests, the temple, the garden, the New Jerusalem, the manifested sons of the kingdom, and the living Word of God.  The access into the Holy of Holies is granted when the living Torah is revealed with the correct understanding of it.  Through revelation – an apocalypse, the removal of the veil – does one begin to comprehend God’s divine plan of restoration of His glory.  Step behind the veil and see the coming glory of our magnificent Creator.

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