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PRE-ORDER: Volume 1 – Prophetic Mitzvot – 613 Commandments Unveiled


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VOLUME 1: Book of Knowledge, Book of Love, Book of Seasons.

Begin your journey into the timeless and eternal words of Scripture.

This series is an essential study guide for anyone seeking a higher understanding of the prophetic and spiritual significance of each of the 613 commandments. Inside, you will discover the deep roots of the ancient text and its practical real-life applications. With an easy-to-use reference guide and separate categories, you can quickly find your topic of interest and dive deeper into your personal study.

Whether you’re looking to enrich your faith, you’re a scholar, or you’re just plain curious, this is a must-have resource to keep drawing on for years to come. Take your first step into seeing the Scripture in a whole new light that you’ve never seen before.

Volume 1 includes books1-3 of the Law entitled: The Book of Knowledge, The Book of Love of God, and The Book of Seasons. This volume reveals the prophetic timeline of God hidden in the times and feasts. Uncover how these commandments are still siginificant and still in effect today.

VOLUME 1: Book of Knowledge, Book of Love, Book of Seasons.

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