The Voice of Healing is a Christian ministry committed to bringing true
healing and transformation to the lives of others. We focus on utilizing
television and radio broadcasting to reach the United States
and world with the Gospel of restoration.


Our Mission

In the state of California, we have successfully run a pilot transitional training program incorporating both soft and hard skill training by experts in fields such as Production, Marketing, Heavy Equipment Operation and Construction. We have countless testimonies of young men and women oppressed by drug addiction, homelessness and mental illness, who through an emphasis on biblical holistic rehabilitation (spiritual, physical, and mental) have been restored to reintegrate back into society and thrive in employment for themselves and their families.

The Structure

In order to impact the Veteran community, we are partnering with Veteran community leaders on the purchase and development of a facility in Houston Texas, where over 1200 Veterans will transition through a US Vet Accredited Program. This facility will be used to decompress, house, develop advanced hard and soft skilled journeyman apprenticeship programs, and create a pathway to home-ownership for our

23000 NW Lake Houston, TX
179,976 SF (Building Property)
4.4 ACRE (Veteran Housing)
21.38 ACRE (Total Property)


Effects of COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 has been profound and many of our great community of Veterans have lost jobs and homes because of the lack of integration support into programs that can accredit their past experience and
transform this into a skilled trade with Job Security.

Employment Loss

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,more than 1 million veterans filed for unemployment benefits last month (link on website). At 11.7 precent, the jobless rate for veterans was two points higher that its peak during the 2008 recession. We wil fill in the gap between learning and employment by providing on-site dorm spaces for men and women participation in our program.


A Synergistic Structure

We have dedicated professionals and small-medium sized business entrepreneurs that will be on-site and that are committed to bringing together their established governmental and industrial companies through a synergistic “Business-Mall” structure to create accredited, skilled-training available across all industries (from soft-skill broadcasting, film and marketing to hard-skill welding, HVAC, laserjet operations and more) with an emphasis on manufacturing products
here in the United States.

While the core of our mission in Houston will be veteran
focused, aspects of our comprehensive programing
and development will be open to the public.


Vanessa spent years in a traumatic relationship that left her suffering with PTSD after she finally walked away. The resulting anger, shame, and unforgiveness created holes in her soul that needed healing and deliverance. Psalm 118:5 says, “Out of my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.” During prayer, a cry in her heart went out, and she received a powerful touch from the Lord. Listen as Vanessa shares her testimony on being healed of PTSD, night terrors, and how the revelation of God’s Word has allowed her to forgive.

A drug addict cries out to the Lord and the sovereignty of God becomes real to him.

Dylan is a former drug addict who has been rehabilitated by the revelation of who God is. He knew there was something in him that needed a change within his mind, body and soul. Dylan tried everything he could to numb that feeling. He had realized this was not who God was calling him to be and he fell in love with the truth and the truth set him free.

A 15 Year old boy rejects the diagnosis of a doctor and receives healing from the Lord.

Damian, a high school football player, refused the diagnosis the doctor gave him on his broken toes. Instead, he chose to look to the Lord for his healing. Damian knew the Lord was and is capable of changing any situation, regardless of what a doctor or any man says. He understood the image of God is not broken and he decided to believe it and walk in this Truth.

In my search for truth, I found Jesus: This is what I now know

Jo did not have any religious or church upbringing but an encounter with the Lord as a child left her with a question, “What is the meaning of life?”. Once she had the opportunity, she went on a two to three years quest to find the truth. She knew deep within that there was more to this life than to eat, sleep, and die. After trying other outlets, she soon found that Jesus was the truth which she discovered was exactly what was missing in her life.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being in the Lord’s presence.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being  in the Lord’s presence. Greg attended teachings at the Voice of Healing and went deeper into studying the unveiled Word that was being released. He saw that he had to deal with inward issues that affected his soul. He saw where he was with the Lord and allowed the Lord to make the changes on the inside. As he began to obtain his inner healing, he shortly realized the changes began to outwardly manifest.

Deidre Yaeger Healed of Scoliosis

The Lord miraculously healed Deidre Yaeger of scoliosis.  A full-time nurse working long hours, has cried out to the Lord for healing and restoration within herself, but it was through the Word, the revelation of the Word…