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The Voice of Healing presents The Sound of Light Experience  featuring Christian Rap artists Bryann Trejo, Marcus Rogers, H.U.R.T. with Justa Messenger, Isaiah Robin and GS!

Hosted by Christian Hip Hop Artist Robin Martyr, a word of encouragement by Pastor Michael Petro with the night starting with powerful worship by VOH Worship!


September 2021 Prophetic Report | Apostle Michael Petro

God is clearly speaking to those who are listening. Recently, the Holy name of YHVH started appearing on the The Eastern Wall in Jerusalem. But, what does that mean for the body of Christ? Apostle Michael Petro breaks down what this sign means in biblical events leading up to the second coming of Christ and how the Early Church (first 300 years of Christianity) defined the sealing of the remnant needed to bring in the final harvest.

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An Interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel

Watch this groundbreaking interview of special guest Dr. Stella Immanuel. Listen as she ministers and discuss the Corona Virus and other diseases from both a medical and spiritual perspective.

Pentecost 2021

The birth of the Christian Church: Pentecost. Many of us may have had our introduction to Pentecost in our upbringings as the account of a mighty wind came and tongues like fire fell upon the apostles’ heads in the upper room and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit (Act 2:1-3). Celebrate Pentecost 2021 with our favorite clothing items.

Service Livestream

During the season of COVID-19, service will be held via livestream on our Video on Demand.  Not signed up yet? Subscribe to our platform to learn the deeper things of the Word of God, featuring Apostle Michael Petro!

Classics 2020

Healing and revival will not just be an event, but a movement. It has been prophesied in the past that an immense outpouring of revelation would be released to the church followed by the greatest healing revival that has ever been seen. Wear revival, shop the VOH Classic Collection. 

The Early Church Fathers

Welcome to our Ante-Nicene Fathers portion where we show a greater depth of what they believed and taught, as passed down to them by the Apostles. Here, we will see how the Early Church addressed topics that many current denominations debate about.

A cry for ‘Texit’ – Tomi Arayomi

    “In the Spirit, the Lord showed the word ‘Texit’, and it looked similar to ‘Brexit’, a word we know in the UK.” ~Tomi Arayomi This prophetic word is about Texas talking about succession (breaking away from the rest of the United States) and serves as confirmation to what the Lord has shown Apostle Michael […]

Kent Christmas – “God Told Me That This Will Happen 2 Months From Now”

    “And the Lord utters His voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong and powerful who execute [God’s] word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible, and who can endure it?” (Joe 2:11 AMP) A month ago, Kent Christmas released a powerful word regarding […]

18 Places in the Nation of America

    Veronika West recently released a word concerning 18 places in the nation of America, and while she said she didn’t have full revelation on the particulars of those specific places, she believes the Lord will reveal it in due time.  Those 18 places were: New York, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Michigan, Arizona, California, Florida, Alaska, Georgia, […]

Patients with ADE Symptoms Fill Hospitals

    Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan went on record to say that the growth in demand that is happening right now in the hospitals is something that no one has ever seen before. While saying that hospitals in Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are under enormous pressure, he […]

Abrahamic Family House

    Jesus said He is the only Way to heaven. He is the Truth and the Life, and through Him we have not only seen the Father, but through Him we become joined to the Father, (ref Jn 14:6, 9) He said ‘I am the Door for the sheep, and any others who would come […]

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Greetings to the Saints

We come together to rejoice and praise your HOLY name, which there is no name higher, let us bless YOU this season, with our thoughts, actions, and intentions which are given from you. May ALL your children know the strength in YOU and YOUR procedures in heaven and on earth, to cherish and look forward to what YOU are doing in each and everyone’s lives, in order to give us the ability to edify your nature and character in our interaction with YOU and YOUR children. We are honored to be under your wing and are eagerly waiting each minute of each day for your instructions.

He Gives and He Takes Away

Only God knows the reason” is something I said all too often. During the past year of studies and growing my relationship with God, I’ve come to realize God wants us to know the reasons for these lessons. He wants us to understand why things are happening, what they mean for our relationship with Him, and ultimately the state of our soul. Why do we receive things and why are they taken away? This isn’t a cruel game of hide and seek, but a learning experience and intimate knowledge of our Lord and Savior. 

Four Chambers

There are four chambers in the human heart, and to say it is a “complicated, bio-mechanical, electrical pump” is a true understatement.

It “beats 100,000 times per day, pumping 5 or 6 quarts of blood per minute, or about 2,000 gallons per day”. (1)

It slows down when we rest at night and speeds up when we exercise. It’s on the job 24/7 and if for whatever reason it stops, the results are typically not good.

Christ, The Solution

 Perhaps we are attempting to adjust the wrong things in our lives. It seems that over time the church (body of Christ) has lost its identity. Many people have become increasingly self-absorbed and greedy. Constantly seeking attention and validation in others. We must ask ourselves a few simple questions. Where are we placing our value and attention? How do we find our identity in Christ?

The Spirit Searches the Deep Things

Throughout scripture we are given an understanding of the functions and characteristics of the Holy Spirit including the teacher, (1 John 2:27) the counselor (John 14:16) and the guide into all truth (John 16:13). In another place, the Apostle Paul describes in more detail a function of the Holy Spirit. Paul says that He searches the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10). This is an interesting statement Paul makes because clearly, he does not mean the deepness of God in a physical sense. So, what does it really mean to search the deep things of God

Paraplegic Healed After 15 Years of Being Paralyzed

After a bad surgery administered by a Doctor, Javid became a paraplegic for the last 15 years, paralyzed from the waist down. An incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness and healing. Watch as Javid In Pakistan gets out of bed, moves his legs and stands during a face time call with Apostle Michael Petro @michaeljopetro as he prays over him from San Diego, CA. This is a miracle.

A drug addict cries out to the Lord and the sovereignty of God becomes real to him.

Dylan is a former drug addict who has been rehabilitated by the revelation of who God is. He knew there was something in him that needed a change within his mind, body and soul. Dylan tried everything he could to numb that feeling. He had realized this was not who God was calling him to be and he fell in love with the truth and the truth set him free.

A 15 Year old boy rejects the diagnosis of a doctor and receives healing from the Lord.

Damian, a high school football player, refused the diagnosis the doctor gave him on his broken toes. Instead, he chose to look to the Lord for his healing. Damian knew the Lord was and is capable of changing any situation, regardless of what a doctor or any man says. He understood the image of God is not broken and he decided to believe it and walk in this Truth.

In my search for truth, I found Jesus: This is what I now know

Jo did not have any religious or church upbringing but an encounter with the Lord as a child left her with a question, “What is the meaning of life?”. Once she had the opportunity, she went on a two to three years quest to find the truth. She knew deep within that there was more to this life than to eat, sleep, and die. After trying other outlets, she soon found that Jesus was the truth which she discovered was exactly what was missing in her life.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being in the Lord’s presence.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being  in the Lord’s presence. Greg attended teachings at the Voice of Healing and went deeper into studying the unveiled Word that was being released. He saw that he had to deal with inward issues that affected his soul. He saw where he was with the Lord and allowed the Lord to make the changes on the inside. As he began to obtain his inner healing, he shortly realized the changes began to outwardly manifest.

Deidre Yaeger Healed of Scoliosis

The Lord miraculously healed Deidre Yaeger of scoliosis.  A full-time nurse working long hours, has cried out to the Lord for healing and restoration within herself, but it was through the Word, the revelation of the Word…

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