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A Gathering in One Accord: Intercessory prayer in the Tent

The Lord has always desired a relationship with us. He created us and designed us for that intimacy. But there is something we must understand; it is through prayer and intercession where He hears us and we engage his heart. It is in our “cry” that He moves. Jesus intercedes to the Father for us as well. (Ref. Romans 8:34).

Here at the Voice of Healing Ministries, Apostle Michael Petro shared during one of the services that he was going to come to the tent in the mornings and do intercession, and for those who wanted to or who were able to join were welcomed. One of those, who has been in attendance from the very beginning, is Jackie Mwangi. She expressed how the Lord had put it upon Apostle Petro’s heart – especially in the season that we are entering into – to come and gather for prayer.

“Being positioned in that place to hear the instruction from the Lord clearly is very important,”

she emphasized.

Jackie shared that in her experience, there is a way that we may perceive intercession; you should look, but it can look different. In her own words,

“I have actually never experienced it before day one and on that day we entered and the atmosphere was so different. First, Apostle Petro made an announcement that it is not going to look the same every time. We may come in with an understanding of how intercession is going to look like, but the Lord might want to do something different. So, it’s coming in with Lord what is it that you desire today”.

There are journals there so whatever the Lord put on the hearts of people they can write it down or even share within the body what the Lord was speaking to them. It is a time of silence, listening, and waiting. There is no rush, just a time of pressing in and listening which usually lasts over 2.5 hours.

“Silently coming before the Lord is a battle for a lot of people”, Jackie shared, “as they want to start praying, but what good is it if you are not hearing from the Lord. You have to hear His heart. My thoughts are not his thoughts. The battle is in the mind, the carnal mind is at enmity with God. So, this mind has to be at rest.

The Lord showed that to Apostle Petro through a revelation, that we are to see ourselves already in that glorified state. What does that mean? How do I see myself in God’s perspective? When you see it then you pray with that authority. A king doesn’t beg, a king makes a demand. He knows what belongs to him, who he is, and how he will get what belongs to him. So, you are coming to prayer with that mindset.

Father, I know you and I want to manifest what you want to release through me as a vessel of honor. Before coming to the tent you should have already prepared yourself. You should have already prayed with an understanding of what the Lord is doing, what he is saying, and then you are bringing the presence of the Lord in when you enter into the tent. Your mind is prepared, your heart is prepared and you are ready to receive.”

Jackie went on to say there is always something supernaturally happening. There was a supernatural encounter with an angel. The angel of Wisdom appeared and sat down by Apostle Petro and spoke to him and he saw her like he sees you and me and she told him she was praying for him and that she will reside here in this ministry. There is an open portal residing here over the tent and I believe there will be more encounters. Angels appearing and being seen. Encounters with the Spirit of the Lord in a new way for this is the season in which we are entering into the millennium kingdom.

So, in conclusion, the Lord is moving and doing something new. Acts 2:17,19, 

“And it shall come to pass in the last day, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath.”

I believe we will soon be in awe of what the Lord is going to do. 

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